War on the environment
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War on the environment
Polititians in denial


Petroleum is a resource that could benefit humanity for many thousands of years, instead, policy on petroleum is in the hands of a few that has convinced society to guzzle like mad. We could enjoy the same or better quality of life on 1.50th the amount of petroleum but greed and stupidity get in the way!
My environmental awakening happened in the year 2000. I helped my mother move to the Sierra foothills in 1986. When I spent time there in the year 2000 to help her move to Mexico, I noticed a big difference in the air quality and the health of the plants. I could smell Sacramento from her balcony. I also thought back to when I was 12 and rode my bicycle around in Hayward, California. Whenever a group of automobiles drove by, I could feel the emissions flowing through my body.

Apologizing to BP?? They were the ones who kept pump prices a few cents cheaper the last 20 years at ARCO by bribing Minerals Managemet Service officials instead of investing in the proper preventative and emergency equipment.

Oil on Ice,is environmentalism dead?

Vote with your feet and your mind