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Bush Cheney
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War on the environment
Polititians in denial

I would really like to visit Uruguay for president Jose Mujica's point of view on over consumption and Bhutan for prioritizing "Gross National Happiness"

Globally competitive wages? ?

Globally competitive housing ! !

Globally competitive quality of life! !


Obamacare - we have to fight to make it right - single payer! years ago

O C C U P Y ! !

 This is a very powerful interview: Knowing who and how we are getting taken advantage of is the first step:

Former Assistant Secretary of Housing under George H.W. Bush Catherine Austin Fitts blows the whistle

Polititians in Denial!

Now more than ever, every dollar spent is a vote cast, thanks to a recent ruling by the supreme court.

Change has hit a sheet of ice placed there by the benefactors of a broken health care system and an over active war machine, among others. Placed there by entities whose absence would make the world a better place.

A long hard fascinating relevant read.

For the last couple of decades American individuals have been experiencing less government while international corporations have been experiencing welfare benefits on a massive scale in many forms. Obama could easily decrease taxes for the lower 80% and increase taxes for the upper 20%. The 20% need to realize they benefit from the happiness of the other 80%.

Is this news??

Congressman Tim Ryans speech several years ago. He is the man!!

Tim Ryan won't be lectured to!

Its obvious by the amount of ramrodding by politians and confused citizenry that much more watchdogging of the media needs to happen. If Obama can keep the air out of foxs tires (coverage of the Nevada caucus), We'll be a lot closer to fair and balanced.

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Don't just pay attention to the ballot measures and polititians, study the people who support and oppose them and ask yourself, What is their agenda?

Every dollar spent on gasoline and petroleun is a vote for a very bad status quo. Consider using biofuels:

Pertinent links to important community and political organizations.Additional suggestions welcome.

Humanity has just consumed one trillion barrels of oil,and the United States has consumed two hundred and fifty billion barrels of oil. Visualise a stack of one million barrels, now visualise 250.000 places in the United States to put million barrel stacks. Who shielded us from alternatives in the seventies? Follow the money! Now I ask the "conservatives" is conserving energy,air and water less important than conserving financial resources.

google search - US percent of oil.

Google search - One trillion barrels.

Not only is our government giving away oil from the Middle East, It is giving away our oil from the gulf of Mexico! (and there is no money for New Orleans reconstruction!)

Thank You Michael Moore

Pat Robertson declares a fatwa on Chavez!

Church of stop shopping

we're not gonna buy it anymore!

Pro choicers can better stop abortions by creating a loving community setting where all generations participate in the creation of a child. Pro lifers want to get the government involved in everyones lives and separate the generations in the name of profits (pre schools,nursing homes, health insurance, neighborhoods where no one knows their neighbors).

You've been drafted for The Best War Ever:

The car that ate the train.

History of the corporation,long important read.


Shock Doctrine

Power Play Sharon Beder

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Thank John Murtha for standing up!



Take action:union of concerned scientists 9/11 9/11

Organic Bee Keepers Hives are Thriving

You may be as concerned as I've been about the reports of bee hives dying all across the United States. Scientists and researchers are scrambling to figure out why beekeepers are experiencing enormous losses---30- 60% on the West and East coasts. In Texas, the losses are more than 70%. Scientists at Cornell University estimate $14 billion dollars' worth of fruits, vegetables and nuts depend on pollination from bees. Every third bite we consume in our diet is dependent on our bee friends.

So, I was overjoyed to read Sharon Labchuck's article in the Organic Consumers Association report. Sharon is a resident of Prince Edward Island and is a longtime environmentalist and beekeeper, and has run for Parliament in the Green Party twice. She says, "I'm on an organic beekeeping email list of about 1000 people, mostly Americans, and no one in the organic beekeeping world, including commercial beekeepers, is reporting colony collapse on this list."

While beekeepers using "modern" methods are losing bees to varroa mites, pesticides, and other contaminants, organic beekeepers are turning to more traditional methods. One of the issues may sound familiar: bigger is not always better. In the past 100 years bees have been bred to be bigger than their wild counterparts. By giving bees smaller wax foundations, bees get smaller and more robust.

To Learn more: cfm

Yet another clue to lead us toward sustainable living! Pursue the humble, manageable, time worthy methods of life and living!


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Defeated by democracy

LA smog, a long read.(Update, just turned from free text to a pamphlet worth buying)

Vote with your feet and your mind