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Motorcycle made from 2CV? ( 2012/05/23)


An excellent source of Citroen parts and informations. Ships out from Santa Cruz, California pronto.

This is the 2cv/Mehari restoration bible.The Haynes manual shows shortcuts from special tools that other manuals didn't cover.

Is there a good California or US Mehari registry? Or will the blog below work?

Click here to blog about anything related to Meharis on the American continent.

The old flying Mehari

A tribute.

The Citroen Mehari was briefly imported to the United States in 1969 and 1970. Even though it was a lot more fun to drive than a Datsun pickup, it was about the same price and was unable to compete.

Pedal to the Plastic!


In 1981 I drove a 1970 Citroen Mehari, now it is time for my dad to have a blast! Helping my dad with his Mehari is giving me Mehari fever too!

Great Escape 1982

I got out of bed one day to find it raining and blowing very hard,perfect time to hop into the Mehari with plywood bimini top and cruise Mill Valley. As I was cruising through town I watched as the water swelled up around me.Gee,maybe I should cruise on home. I'll never forget that put put put - put - - put - - - put - - - - put - - - - - put - - put - put put put.

Thank You Don Rodgers

Shrew eats Mehari!

We are looking for both inner fender wells for a Citroen Mehari. It seems that a raccoon or a shrew attempted to eat its way into the engine compartment through the vent holes in the fender wells. It ate through the wiring harness also!. Either install your vent hoses or tape the holes shut!



Dad is now tearing it up in Clearlake with his new toy.Life is good! We bolted up a two barrel carb from Europe and off it went! Gets around 50 mpgs now, bet it would get 70 mpg with fuel injection.

Don Rodgers (rogers?)was very helpful when I restored my first Mehari in 1980, loaning me a special tool and tons of advice. He gave me a ride in a Mehari that he converted to electric. I was ho-hum at the time but it last a strong and lasting impression on me. If anyone knows of his wherabouts, please foreward my gratitude!!

My biodiesel powered buggy.

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